You can design your own custom item either by clicking the "Customize" button to be taken to the design workspace and create your own item right on our website.

Once your order is placed, the standard fulfillment time will range between 10-15 business days from the submitted date, depending on the custom item ordered. This time frame can change daily. Processing time can take up to 30 business days for larger quantities. IF YOU NEED YOUR ITEMS SOONER WE OFFER A RUSH FEE OF 15%


Print proofs are generated online with our customizer app and when graphic support is requested. Guides are provided with our customizer app; we recommend placing your graphic within the guides. Contact for 3d mockup preview.

Please note we cannot guarantee color accuracy of printed item. Color represented on your monitor appear different than the actual printed item. Due to the effects of our unique Ultra Violet print method, colors may shift in hue and saturation slightly to react stronger under Blacklit lighting conditions.

For most accurate results, please leave a note on your order for “Non Ultra Violet Printing”

For questions and small adjustments, feel free to contact our custom orders support at


CUSTOM GRAPHICS/DESIGN(S) POLICY: By purchasing a custom item(s) from White Label Connection, you agree and understand to the terms and conditions below:

White Label Connection reserves the right(s) to use any and all graphics designed/created by us, or submitted to us for production by a customer for a custom item(s) order. White Label Connection reserves the right to use the graphic(s) freely for advertisement or to resell. White Label Connection reserves all rights to refuse service for any custom item design, for any reason. By submitting any graphic(s) for custom print or design, you certify that the graphics provided are not copy-written, and that you own the rights to use said image(s)/graphic(s), or any trademarks included therein, for production, and/or have permission from the owner to use the image/graphic/trademark provided for production. If found otherwise, you accept all and any liability of legal action for any copyright infringement. We will not accept or allow any designs denoting or depicting outright nudity, violence, and or drug use.